with proven by quantum sciences and ancient Tibetan Principle Practices

Let me help you to rewrite your destiny.

Discover the simple method from ancient Tibetan wisdom that I used to mentor, coach and for problem solving on most pressing problems in financial, relationship, health & inner peace. It always works 100%. Wanna transform your life?

Transformation Solutions that I'm Offering

To help you in this particular areas.

1:1 Enabling Engagement


This is an exclusive 1 to 1 engagement service that focus on getting your life to from Deprive or Survive to Thrive mode. We focus on Financial Freedom, Perfect Relationship, Good Health, & Inner Peace.

Face to Face Coaching

This pillar mainly to engage to those that wanted to change their lives into different perspective. By focus on Thrive on Freedom on your financial, perfect relationship, good health and inner body. This is where it takes us to the next level.

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Empowering Others


This pillar divided into 2 different categories Group & Facilitation as well as Rewriting Your Destiny (Signature Program)

Team & Group Coaching Solutions

The pillar was designed to cater many walks of life in dealing of challenges; putting matter into actions, how to rewrite your problems, group facilitation and coaching activities

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Transformation Advisory Services


This is an engagement services through Change Management predominantly focus on online workshops program and consulting.

Change Management Engagement

Effective Change Management Workshop & Services: The Change Management workshop will give any leader cutting-edge tools to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better accepted.

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Online Courses That Change Lives
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About Me

Hello, nice having you here!

I help individuals & teams to rewrite their destiny.

I am glad that you have made it here and believed that you have tried all kinds of solution and promises. It might work at times and it may not. I truly aware and understand because I used to be like you.

To cut the story short, if you have decided and found me as your solution, please put your trust on your faith, and that faith will become your “seeds” that we will be working together to help change it.

Not only that, once it started to change, your life begin to transform and your entire destiny would be rewritten.

I’m so happy and excited you have give me a chance to walk with you this journey.

Desmond Sim

Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
Desmond gives me a very friendly impression and is very open to share his experience & knowledge. He, as an experienced Meta-Coach, impressed me by his focused and sharp questions which keep me (as a client) on the right track to know the heart of my issue, thereby, to really understand what resources needed for transformation. His curious and caring attitudes provide a trusted space for client which makes a coaching conversation successful.
Dr. Salina Lee
Executive Director & Founder of Mindlinks- Hong Kong
If you are looking for a very well informed and skilled Coach--- I highly recommend Desmond Sim. Desmond is a certified Meta-Coach with ACMC credentials under the international MCF. He has training in Group and Team Coaching, has a great heart for people, and understands the essence of business. If you are wanting a Coach who can get results and to the heart of things--- contact and contract with Desmond!
L. Michael hall, PhD
Executive Director at The International Meta-Coach System, Colorado, U.S
My Friend, Desmond is a great person and a has a very organized mind. He joined a training tract for Experts with me and we have been Online Friends since then... I even Interviewed Desmond for our TVSHOHOW network. Her's His TV Station on our TV NETORK. http://www.TVSHOWHOW.com/desmondsim Desmond is a Champion of Getting things done and he can be a great help in Starting and Navigating all the areas of Business... Hire Desmond and let me know how pleased you will be. I recommend Desmond
Amid Yousef
LEDSIGNZ Founder, Ohio, U.S
Due to our daily interaction in our Expert space of Entrepreneurship, Authorship, Social Media, Life Coach and more, I have come to know Desmond as one of the most Spiritual, Committed, Professional, Experienced Entrepreneurs, who always displays huge human empathy which is rare and my synopsis is, this is the very reason for his Successes! I highly reccommend Desmond for similar Associations, it is my greatest pleasure to post this reccommendation.
Theda Davids-Muller
Value Creation, Creating unique Business Types, Business Advising, Intl Consulting, Debt Remedial Advisor, Entrepreneur & Legacy Mentorship, Real Estate Specialist, Financial Debt Expert, IT/Telecom/ITIL Eng & Consultant, Dubai, UAE
Desmond is an energetic , helpful leader in the Meta-Coach Foundation.
Wilkie Choi
Founder of Asia Neuro Coaching Association(ANCA), Hong Kong
Grateful to Desmond! Commitment to practice 3xBook Seeds Planning and Planting with good intention according to the 10 virtues and coffee meditation. Life become meaningful by aligning to the Pen Story philosophy together with practicing Niguma yoga and meditation to bring inner peace and better understanding to the real meaning of emptiness towards success of a well human being.
Walters Wong, Kuala Lumpur
首先要感恩Desmond 种子教练,设计那么棒的Bootcamp 让我在这90天里持续地打卡学习。在這过程中让对写三时书的认知大大地提升,最开心的是让我种出和諧的家庭,尤其是我的大哥,我看到他越來越慷慨,孝顺父母亲 。除此之外我們Bootcamp 3 的伙伴的感情也越來越好。我相信通过不断学习及坚持,一定会有所收获。 最後再次感恩Desmond种子教练用心带领Bootcamp 3 的小伙伴們一起学习一起成长,我也要感谢Bootcamp 3的伙伴们让我有机会在你們身上种种子。感恩有大家
Sally Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Desmond,对不起让您久等了!🙏 我也在知情下种了拖延种子。老实说我的学习能力较慢,又不善表达,一切的好坏感受总是隐藏起来。很庆幸参与了三屈的"三时书种子计划实践班",收获满满,感动满满!😍 随喜看到了同学们一个又一个的好种子开花,见识了您邀请的各路种子精英嘉宾,这也太值啦!😃 如果再有延续,我一定会追随下去。🙋 谢谢您~我永远的"种子教练.
Bee Ean, Kuala Lumpur
Firstly, I would like to thank Desmond for making all the effort to coaching this 90 days Boot Camp. I get to see changes of my attitude & daily habits. Before I attended Bootcamp, I don't understand the purpose of writing the homework even I have attended L12345. I don't get to understand on doing homework using 4x4 with intention, emotion & conceptions. With this Bootcamp, I slowly understand on seeds planting using 4x4 and closely connected with team mates. Now, I am living on my daily life with purpose & intention on the seeds that I want to plant. It motivates me to keep going with the group in the Boot Camp 3 on daily punch card. By doing homework using 4x4 in this Bootcamp, definitely I can see some little good seeds rippen 😊. In this BootCamp, I have learnt a lot on improving on seeds planting system. I'm very happy to see team mates growing successfully to manage to clear bad seeds & good seeds ripened swiftly upon them. Again, I am thankful for Bootcamp to motivate me to do homework everyday
Ewon Yap, Stockbroking & Investment Consultant, Kuala Lumpur
Many thanks and grateful you have been my karmic partner and help to grow my career and business. Also you have taken all your effort and time in growing my team. Within months, their results are showing leaps and bounds.
Miku, President Team- Leader, Hong Kong
I started with your program with only earning 40K monthly, today my team grow exponentially where after several months, my monthly income is hovering 160K. Grateful and thanks to you!
Charmaine, Hong Kong
How it works?

7 Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don’t know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up! Now all the planets are gonna start cracking wise about our mamas.

Ready to start?

The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands. Alderaan? I'm not going to Alderaan. I've got to go home.

All queries are replied within 24 hours!

Decide to Change
Whenever you have decided and put up a decision in moving forward, this is where your life turning point starts.
Schedule an appointment
Schedule an appointment for us to speak further and we'll assured you get the maximum follow-up and support periodically.
Follow Through The Process
Our Process shall guide you through via our proven Seed Triage-Call which enable us to find out what kind of situation you are currently facing. The forms of solution required, be it purely 1:1 Coaching, Consultation, Workshop, Group Coaching or combination 1 or more of the solutions.
Just Take Actions
This is where most people failed to turn things around as sometimes to take right type of actions in turning around their problems. The solutions you obtained would be customized and only meant for you based on your circumstances. So just heed and do it.
Keep Your Commitment
A constant follow-up mechanism would be delivered to you be it bi-weekly or weekly or monthly and on ad-hoc basis(if required). So your commitment is critical for us to perform intervention/coaching/guidance from time to time.
Transformation Started
Your transformation began to take place. You will eventually feel you have learn more, think better, able to control emotions, understand what actions to take & etc.
Rewrite Your Destiny
This is where I must congratulate you. You have begin live a complete new way of life be it in your financial, relationship, health and inner peace.

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Self Development Course

Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don't know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up!
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