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About Course

Learn How To Create Your Transformation Life with this Introduction of Seed Transformation Program. Hi, I'm Desmond Sim your Transformation Coach. My "Introduction of Seed Transformation Program" is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of true nature problem, no matter if you're a regular income earner, small business owners, experts industry (i.e. lawyer, dentist, coach, consultant, trainer) & network marketing business builder.


Are you currently facing problems come and go? No matter if is money, business, career, relationship and health, it seems problems never stop.
Then this introduction program about seed system will help you get all the fundamentals knowledge and tools to overcome most problems that we are facing in our daily lives.
Knowing what you used to know may not be working well in this era, as the world has become full of uncertainties due to the pandemic, economic crisis, jobs saturated and war. By knowing this seed system can allow anyone to generate all the income you want, establish good relationships with people that you wanted too, built constant good health and achieve our spiritual inner peace even in the chaotic world that we are living in now.
By using the tools of system you will be unconsciously change your pattern of behaving and prevent yourself to return to the past experiences and know-how.
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. It is one of the most important thing in this era that you can equip yourself to enable total shield of all uncertainties and problems.
Hundreds and thousands people in this world has used this tools and extensively. The only regret that they have were if these tools are being made earlier to them, they won’t have to try millions of other ways and discover none work well.
I will not bore you 🙂
I take my program and students very seriously but at the same time I’m a person to be fun & creative in learning and practicing this system. I was used to be like you in the past, life was so much difficult. Now with this system, there is no turning back and the good news is, once you keep using it, all the success shall stay until you leave this world.
My Approach
Learn, Adopt and Try again again and again. You will never regret once you have the seed system “red pill”

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of the foundation seed transformation system(10 Exceptional Virtues, 4 Laws, 4 Flowers, 4 Steps & 4 Powers)
  • Create a life that you would not have any reason in turning back the old way of achieving your goals.
  • Learn when, where, what, why and how much you need to do establish the seed system so that you could leverage it once and for all your entire life.
  • Build more seed "muscle" by optimizing your seed planning, reducing more obstacles by following simple rules and indicators. The plan can be apply on all kinds of goals in our lives such a financial, career, business, relationship, health, mental inner peace and many more.

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The course is extraordinary!!
It explains everything from A to Z regarding Nutrition and also there are some very valuable workout tips.
Great job!

Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks so, so much Felix for your concise, practically useful and well informed course.


Material Includes

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • Downloadable resources; worksheets
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion


  • No prior health knowledge is required or assumed. Only commitment and diligent follow-through action plan would be required.

Target Audience

  • Anyone wanting to learn the seed system and establishing in our lives.
  • Anyone want to resolve their financial challenges i.e. debt and many more.
  • Anyone want to grow their small businesses.
  • Anyone wanted to resolve their relationships in their lives.
  • Anyone want to ensure they always have enough good health condition.